Topics & Sub Topics

Sl Subjects CODE
1 Pedagogy MTC 01
a Undergraduate medical education program renewal: a longitudinal context, input, process and product evaluation study. MTC 01/01
b Making theory explicit - An analysis of how medical education can be reshaped by connecting to theory knowledge. MTC 01/02
c An analysis of clinical reasoning through a recent and comprehensive approach: the dual - process theory. MTC 01/03
d Strategies for improving teaching practices: a comprehensive approach to faculty development programs for medical teachers in China. MTC 01/04
2 Syllabus and content analysis MTC 02
a Students perceive healthcare as a valuable learning environment when they accept it as a part of the workplace community: The objectives of medical education. MTC 02/01
b Content analysis of medical students’ seminars: a unique method of analyzing clinical thinking & clinical correlation in students. MTC 02/02
c A simulation based curriculum to introduce key teamwork principles to first year medical students. MTC 02/03
d Teaching feedback to first year medical students: long-term skill retention and accuracy of student’s self-assessment MTC 02/04
3 Innovations in teaching, learning & use of technology CODE - MTC 03
a What are we looking for in computer-based learning interventions in medical education? - A systematic review. MTC 03/01
b Advances in Medical Education and practice: Highlight on students’ perception of the flipped classroom. MTC 03/02
c Attitudes and perceptions of medical undergraduates towards mobile learning (M-learning). MTC 03/03
d Impact factor of medical education journals and recently developed articles: Can any of them support academic promotion criteria? MTC 03/04
4 Licensing exams: Teaching learning approaches & differences. MTC 04
a The effectiveness of the problem based learning teaching model for use in introductory Chinese undergraduate medical courses: a systematic review and meta-analysis. MTC 04/01
b Key challenges in simulated patient programs: An international comparative case study. MTC 04/02
c Student directed retrieval practice is a predictor of medical licensing examination performance: Role of small group teaching(SGT) & self-directed learning(SDL). MTC 04/03
d Image based Questions: A leap forward in Case-based learning and multiple choice questioning methods in licensing examinations. MTC 04/04

Presentation by Administrators:

Challenges & opportunities in improving overall teaching learning experience in MBBS Program in China and other Countries: A model classically intended for international students.

Topics for panel discussion:

1. Campus discipline:

a) Ensuring discipline in campus: An initiative by administrators.

2. Academic discipline:

a) Educational Tools: Thinking Outside the Box - Role of academic disciplines in the medical school curriculum.

b) Strict disciplinary integration as a core concept for actual development of the standard of medical education in China.