Author Guidelines & Procedures

Abstract details:

The abstract should be a maximum of 200 and no more than 500 words including key words.

The abstract must contain the title, objectives, measures, methodologies, findings, implications and key words. All authors should be sent Full name, address, email address, current designation and university he/she represents along with abstract.

Full paper:

Should be a maximum 10,000 words. In addition graphical representation may be added wherever relevant.

File type:

Authors should submit the articles only in both WORD & PDF file format.


Language of the article should be in English or Chinese only. In case submitted in Chinese an English translation may please be provided along with Chinese paper.

Fonts Type: Times New Roman

Font heading or Title: 14 point and Bold

Font subtitle: 12 point and Bold

Content of Article: 12 points


References should be the last part of the article following the below format

[1] Flores-Mateo G, Argimon JM (26 July 2007). "Evidence based practice in postgraduate healthcare education: A systematic review". BMC Health Services
Web pages:

Please mention the topic code in the subject of your email when submitting the paper. The above mentioned order should be followed while submitting the articles.

Paper may be sent to

PowerPoint presentation:

The presenters who will be attending the conference in person are requested to present a PowerPoint presentation on his/her subtopic during the technical session of the conference & submit the same beforehand as per the deadlines mentioned herein so as to be checked and reviewed by the editorial team.

For any clarifications or assistance please contact the following:

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